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Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Vincristine-Induced Gastric Hypomotility and the Prokinetic Effect of Mosapride in Dogs


  • The study was presented at the 2010 ACVIM Forum, Anaheim, CA.

Corresponding author: Koichi Ohno, Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo, 1-1-1, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8657, Japan; e-mail: aohno@mail.ecc.u-tokyo.ac.jp



Vincristine induces gastrointestinal motility disorders in humans. Adverse gastrointestinal events are commonly observed in dogs receiving vincristine.


To evaluate gastric motility after vincristine administration in dogs and the prophylactic effect of a prokinetic agent, mosapride.


Five healthy Beagle dogs.


Five dogs received vincristine IV at a dosage of 0.75 mg/m2. The motility index (MI) of the antral contraction was ultrasonographically evaluated 30 minutes postfeeding before administration of vincristine and for 6 days after vincristine treatment. After a 6-week washout period, the dogs received vincristine with mosapride (2 mg/kg PO, q24h for 6 days), and the MI was re-evaluated. Adverse gastrointestinal events were evaluated according to the Veterinary Co-operative Group Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (VCOG-CTCAE).


After vincristine administration, a significant decrease (P < .05) in MI was observed on days 3 (6.64 ± 0.30) and 4 (8.02 ± 0.94), compared with pretreatment levels (10.00 ± 0.62). Gastrointestinal adverse events were observed in 4 dogs (grade 2 decreased appetite: 3 dogs; grade 1 vomiting: 2 dogs; and grade 1 diarrhea and grade 2 hematochezia: 1 dog). When mosapride citrate was administered with vincristine and for the next 5 days, no decrease in MI was observed. Furthermore, adverse gastrointestinal events occurred less frequently (grade 1 vomiting and grade 2 hematochezia in 1 dog each).

Conclusions and Clinical Importance

Vincristine (0.75 mg/m2) induces gastric hypomotility in dogs. Preventive administration of mosapride citrate (2.0 mg/kg PO, q24h) improves hypomotility and may decrease the adverse gastrointestinal effects of vincristine.