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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor

We have read with interest the article by Misbach C, Gouni V, Tissier R, et al, “Echocardiographic and Tissue Doppler Imaging Alterations Associated with Spontaneous Canine Systemic Hypertension.”[1] In this paper, the authors report the echocardiographic abnormalities present in a group of dogs with systemic hypertension. In their manuscript they state that “to the authors’ knowledge, no studies have specifically focused on the cardiac morphological and functional alterations associated with systemic arterial hypertension (SHT) in dogs.”

We would like to remark that in 2006 we published an article[2] in J Vet Intern Med that among other things described the echocardiographic (2-dimensional [M-mode], spectral, and color flow Doppler) findings present in a group of dogs with SHT secondary to glomerular disease caused by leishmaniasis. We sincerely regret that Misbach et al, have overlooked our paper in their bibliographic review. Our study was the first one in reporting the echocardiographic consequences of SHT in a group of dogs with SHT secondary to spontaneous CKD and, probably, the authors (Misbach et al) had found some useful information in our manuscript to include in the discussion section.