We thank Dr. O. Cortadellas and colleagues for their comments regarding our article and sincerely apologize for having omitted their paper published in the J Vet Intern Med (2006;20:941–7). Our omission was obviously not intentional and may be explained by the fact that leishmaniasis is not within the conventional scope of cardiologists.

We have read with great interest the study by Cordellas et al showing that left ventricular hypertrophy is frequent in dogs with systemic arterial hypertension (SHT) secondary to leishmaniasis. Although these cardiac aspects were documented in their study, their primary objective was “to prospectively evaluate the prevalence of SHT in dogs with glomerular disease secondary to leishmaniasis and to evaluate the systemic consequences of SHT in affected dogs” and not, as clearly stated and done in our paper, to “specifically focus on the cardiac morphological and functional alterations associated with SHT in dogs” using the combination of conventional echocardiography and two-dimensional color tissue Doppler imaging. Nevertheless, we apologize again as we should have mentioned this reference, which represents a useful contribution to the knowledge of canine leishmaniasis-associated SHT.