ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Comparison by crime type of juvenile delinquents on pornography exposure: The absence of relationships between exposure to pornography and sexual offense characteristics



This article is corrected by:

  1. Errata: ERRATUM Volume 7, Issue 1, 54, Article first published online: 23 February 2011

David L. Burton, MSW, PhD, Associate Professor, Associate Editor Smith Studies, Smith College School for Social Work, Lilly Hall #302, Northampton, MA 01063. Tel: 413-585-7985; E-mail: dlburton@email.smith.edu


Previous literature on pornography indicates that pornography use for men at risk for aggression may result in sexually aggressive behavior, but very little research has been reported on juvenile sexual abusers' exposure to pornography. The current study compared pornography exposure between male adolescent sexual abusers (n= 283) and male nonsexually offending delinquent youth (n= 170). Sexual abusers reported more pre- and post-10 (years of age) exposure to pornography than nonsexual abusers. Yet, for the sexual abusers, exposure is not correlated to the age at which the abusers started abusing, to their reported number of victims, or to sexual offense severity. The pre-10 exposure subscale was not related to the number of children the group sexually abused, and the forceful exposure subscale was not correlated with either arousal to rape or degree of force used by the youth. Finally, exposure was significantly correlated with all of the nonsexual crime scores in the study. Implications for forensic nursing are discussed.