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The Contribution of the Classroom Teacher to Research and Knowledge


  • Robert F. Roeming

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      Robert F. Roeming (Ph.D., U of Wisconsin) is Professor of French and Italian and Director of the Department of Language Laboratories at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Since 1963 he has been Managing Editor of The Modern Language Journal, and he is a member of the Advisory Board for the MLA/ERIC Clearinghouse on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. His Albert Camus, A Bibliography was published in 1967 by the University a Wisconsin Press. (This article is based on an address de livered on 17 March 1967 at the Conference of the Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers it Spokane.)


ABSTRACT: Many classroom teachers feel that pedagogical research has no immediate relevance to their daily activities, that research is in the domain of an elite class in the universities. Teachers are trained as practitioners, not researchers. Yet much of the research in language learning and teaching in universities is conducted under exceptionally controlled conditions, and its validity and generalizability are open to question. Only in the real classroom can research be tested. With Federal funds available for research in the classroom, alert and able teachers should identify significant research problems, seek advice and help from the school administration and specialists at institutions of higher education, and apply for financial assistance to undertake useful research in the classroom. Hopefully, ACTFL now will enable teachers to work in national teams on broadly designed research programs.