A Survey of FLES Instruction in Cities Over 300,000


  • Anthony Gradisnik

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      Anthony Gradisnik (M.Ed., Marquette University) has taught “Methods of Teaching Modern Foreign Languages” and “Language Laboratory Methods” at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He is Coordinator of Milwaukee's program for “Teaching English as a Second Language,” and has inaugurated, coordinated, and developed Milwaukee's FLES T.V. program, begun in 1960 and now being viewed by over 14,000 pupils. Mr. Gradisnik is the co-author of “Spanish for You” (teaching materials: guide, records, visual cue cards), and “Television Can be Effective in the FLES Program … IF,” published in Hispania.


ABSTRACT: Forty-two out of forty-nine cities completed the survey which revealed that thirty-one cities had a FLES program. Most of the cities begin their FLES program in grade four or below, and twenty-eight of the thirty-one cities offer FLES as part of the regular school day. At least three or more sessions of foreign language instruction per week are provided by twenty-five cities. Television, as a medium of initial instruction, is used by nineteen cities and eleven of these prepare their programs locally. A table, listing all of the cities, indicates the year FLES began, languages, number of days per week, grades included, and type of program.