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French in the Birmingham (Michigan) Elementary Schools


  • Louise Couture

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      Louise Couture (Education Specialist in Foreign Languages, University of Michigan) is the Foreign Language Coordinator of the Birmingham, Michigan, schools. She has taught foreign language methodology at the University of Michigan summer school, as well as teaching French on the elementary, secondary, college, and adult education levels. Author of Le Français Vivant I and Le Français Vivant II (published by the Charles E. Merrill Company), she is currently a member of the National FLES Committee, AATF, and the Michigan State Committee on Foreign Languages.


ABSTRACT: There are many activities needed to administer an ongoing program. Adopting an audiolingual approach; stressing listening and speaking skills; introducing the students to reading and writing; material review and evaluation. Efforts must be made to provide continuity and coordination of the program throughout the classes. One characteristic of a good foreign language program is a concerted effort by the teachers to exchange ideas and to improve their teaching techniques. Most foreign language teachers are well-prepared academically, but very few are equipped with the pedagogic skills needed to teach foreign languages to young children. Thus, the best opportunity is given for mutual aid and for each to continue to learn and improve as an individual working to achieve his goals as a teacher.