A Cooperative French Program: A New Approach


  • John A. Rallo

  • John A. Rallo (Ph.D., Columbia University) is the Chairman of the Department of Foreign Languages at Darien High School, Darien, Conn. He has taught at Staten Island Community College and the Lycée Français. He is a member of AATF, NEA, the Société des Professeurs Français en Amérique, and other professional organizations. In 1953, he received a Fulbright grant to France.


ABSTRACT: Because students of foreign languages acquire uneven knowledge and background in the four basic skills, placing them in the next appropriate course level poses a serious problem. A new cooperative approach in the teaching of French IV (Level III) has been developed in Darien High School, Conn., to facilitate the development of each student's language skills and thus provide effective grouping. Three classes, scheduled at the same time, have been selected for this experimental program, while two other classes have been assigned as “control” groups. These three classes meet in one large group for presentation of new materials. They are then subdivided into three class sections for individualization, manipulation, reinforcement of new materials, etc. After testing and evaluation, they are regrouped periodically according to their progress in the four basic skills. Each “new” group then receives intensive aid and instruction. The Foreign Language Resource Center is used to supplement classroom work. This new approach was started in Sept. 1968. No conclusions have been reached at this time.