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Penetrating the Mass Media: A Unit to Develop Skill in Reading Spanish Newspaper Headlines


  • H. Ned Seelye,

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      H. NED SEELYE (M.A., Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala) began teaching in 1956. Before appointment to his present position as Director of Bilingual and Migrant Education with the Illinois Office of Public Instruction, he was for three years a State Foreign Language Supervisor with the same office. He has published in over a dozen professional journals, and has resided extensively abroad.

  • J. Laurence Day

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      J. LAURENCE DAY (Ph.D., Univ. of Minnesota) is Associate Professor of Journalism at the Univ. of Kansas. His wide experience in Latin America includes working as a foreign correspondent with the United Press in Argentina for two years, and serving as a Mormon missionary for three years in Uruguay.


ABSTRACT  If foreign language newspapers are to be a source of cultural insight and a springboard to conversation with “natives,” students must first develop skill in skimming through newspapers. Development of this skill should be a rewarding activity in itself. The semiprogramed learning unit described identifies the specialized vocabulary of crime, social events, and sports headlines of Spanish newspapers, and provides various exercises to develop familiarity and speed in spotting stories relating to these topics.