Teaching Afro-French Literature in the American Secondary School: A New Dimension*


  • Herman F. Bostick

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      HERMAN F. BOSTICK (Ph.D., Ohio State Univ.) is Associate Professor of French at Morehouse College. His interest in Afro-French literature was supported by a Powers Foundation Grant for Study and Travel in French West Africa during Summer 1970. In the past, he has taught at Fort Valley State College, Georgia, and has served as Foreign Language Consultant for the Georgia State Dept. of Education. The cofounder and First Secretary of the Southern Conference On Language Teaching, he is currently President of the Foreign Language Association of Georgia, a member of the SCOLT Board of Directors, and Assistant Secretary of the College Language Association.

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    This paper was originally presented at the 1971 Annual Meeting of ACTFL, in Chicago, 25–28 November.


ABSTRACT  Today, French teachers are eager to include in the curriculum of the secondary school learning experiences in African literature and culture of French expression. Literary works by francophone African and Caribbean authors are progressively becoming more accessible to the classroom teacher. Written in standard French by authors of no meager literary talent, Afro-French literature can add a new dimension to the study of French in the secondary school. Integration of Afro-French literature and culture into the French curriculum demands that the teacher give careful thought to the following: course aims and objectives, level of language mastery, preparation of the teacher, availability of adequate teaching materials, effective teaching techniques and strategies. Unfamiliarity with precolonial Black Africa—its history, institutions, customs, and beliefs—makes an article on the teaching of Afro-French literature and culture necessary and timely. Inasmuch as most black writers turn to precolonial Africa for their sources and inspiration, the classroom teacher has no alternative but to become knowledgeable about Africa past and present. This article on the teaching of Afro-French literature in the secondary school is an effort to provide the classroom teacher with important background information, suggested classroom materials, and teaching techniques for enriching the teaching-learning experience in French.