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The Success of the Private Language Schools: A Lesson to Be Learned


  • Vincent Marottoli

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      VINCENT J. MAROTTOLI (A.B., Providence Coll.) is presently a Ph.D. candidate in French at the Univ. of Connecticut where he is preparing a dissertation on “Futurism and Its Influences on French Poetry.” The recipient of an NDEA fellowship, he has studied at the Université de Rouen, France. For two years he was a faculty member of Jonathan Law High School, Milford, Conn. He has also taught at Quinnipiac Coll. and West Haven, Conn., Adult High School. He is a member of the Connecticut Organisation of Language Teachers and MLA


ABSTRACT  An investigation of several bibliographical sources revealed that very little has been written on the success of private language schools. This appears unusual since many of these schools are subsidiaries of corporations whose primary concern is, of course, profit. Thus, despite the cynicism and pessimism often prevalent in our ranks, private companies have found it profitable to enter the field of language instruction. There is evidently a need for these schools and many of them have developed their own techniques. I undertook a project to visit the most prominent private language schools, to analyze their methods, and to make suggestions based on my experiences.

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