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Individualizing French Through the Credit/No Credit, Open-Ended Approach


  • Michael B. Kline

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      Michdel B. Kline (Ph.D., Brown University) is Associate Professor of French and Chairman of the French Department at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa


ABSTRACT An individualized approach to language teaching may be used not only to motivate students through self-pacing; more importantly, individualization should be used to impose a high level of mastery and avoid grade bargaining. The key is to vary the time needed by students to achieve mastery, rather than to fix the performance time to a variable level of mastery. Language teachers may use the structure of an individualized course rather than personal pressure and influence to stim late students. The same course structure be of service in training language majors teaching assistants and in reducing the section cost of instruction. Thus individualization may become a multi-purpose technique, (service to the language teacher in a time) shrinking enrollments and increased demand for performance on the part of the profession.