A Program for Teaching French in Grades 3-5



ABSTRACT The foreign language teacher in an elementary school is faced with such problems as scheduling difficulties, short class periods, few specific materials, and a lack of clear-cut curriculum goals. Ranking these problems often means that the solution of the first can lead to resolution of the others. In planning the curriculum objectives for several elementary grades, continuity is important, but excessive repetition should be avoided. Specific curriculum goals are suggested for grades 3-5. Several classroom games are presented which can be effective in motivating students and encouraging them to use new structures and vocabulary. Since most traditional testing methods are inappropriate at this age level, five evaluation techniques are presented which relate more directly to the abilities of the students and the skills taught at this level. A number of activities for each grade level are discussed, showing how such a variety can provide exposure to different skills and enhance language study. Imagination and the inclusion of enjoyable activities can help to increase motivation in elementary language programs and enrollments in upper-level courses.