A Self-Instructional Language Program on the High School Level


  • James J. Pontillo

    1. (Ph. D., State University of New York at Buffalo) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Tulane University, New Orleans, La
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ABSTRACT One of the more challenging aspects of language teaching at any level is providing rewarding and stimulating study to highly motivated and gifted students. This is even more acute at the high school level, where good students and their needs are often ignored in the administrative shuffle of scheduling, attendance registers, the needs of less-gifted students, and the general lack of classroom time. Many of the better students become bored with language learning and ‘drop out;’ others channel their energies into other areas. A self-instructional language program, although relatively uncommon at the high school level, can offer these students a challenging approach to language learning. Such a program can also provide the high school student the opportunity to study a language which might not be available in the curriculum.