Descriptions of Selected Interdisciplinary College Courses


During 1974–73, the Modern Language Association, under contract with the U. S. Office of Education, conducted a survey of career-related, community-related, interdisciplinary, and non-traditional foreign language offerings in the two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States. Richard I. Brod served as Principal Investigator; Kathryn Buck and Warren C. Born were Research Associates for the survey. The following are informal descriptions of several such courses of an interdisciplinary nature. Further information about each of these courses may be obtained from the author of the description. “Tandem Courses in French Civilization” (Newell R. Bush) in this issue, and “Latin American Literature in a Social Context”(Jean Franco) and “Classical Mythology” (Mary R. Lefkowitz) in the December 1976 issue of FLA were published in slightly different versions in the ADFL Bulletin, 7, iii (1976).