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The Student Project: A Technique That Works with Community College Students and Can Work with Others


  • Louise H. Allen

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      Louise H. Allen (Ph. D., University of Illinois) is Dean of Educational Services at Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois.


ABSTRACT  Methodology for community college classes in foreign languages presents some special problems. The heterogeneity of the student body, the limitations placed on students' study time by their outside commitments, and the personal pragmatism of many students call for considerable ingenuity on the part of instructors. The writer recommends the use of individual student projects as a technique for engaging and holding the interest of these students, for adding the human dimension to the classroom, and for fostering genuine communication among the students. The article describes the project technique as she has used it, provides concrete examples from one intermediate-level class, and suggests the adaptability of the method to secondary school or university classes.