An Illustration of “Motivating Students in the Foreign Language Classroom”* in an Intensive French Course


  • Doris T. Stephens

  • Doris T. Stephens (Ph.D., University of Tennessee) is Extension Instructor of French and Spanish at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

  • *

    Frank M. Grittner, in Dimension: Languages 74: Looking Ahead. Proceedings of the Southern Conference on Language Teaching, ed. Genelle Morain (Atlanta: The Conference, 1975).


ABSTRACT  Having participated in an intensive French course at the University of Tennessee, the author attempts to explain the success of the program for both faculty and students. Discussion of the intensive course is based on an article by Frank M. Grittner entitled “Motivating Students in the Foreign Language Classroom.” Like Grittner, the author believes that students must be intrinsically motivated and that each class should be an end in itself–optimum learning and an enjoyable experience. The author takes six of Grittner's assumptions and illustrates how they apply to the intensive French course. Evidence of the success of the program included the excellent performance of the students in the four basic skills, the desire of many to continue their language study, and student comments that the course was both valuable and enjoyable.