A French-Canadian Live-In


  • Helen A. Kilzer

  • Helen A. Kilzer (M.A., Mary College) is Assistant Professor of French at Mary College, Bismarck, North Dakota.


ABSTRACT  This article explains how one teacher tried to meet in minimal time the challenge of maximizing students' cultural awareness and linguistic competency in French. A three-week live-in with Frenchspeaking Canadian families and an opportunity to assist teachers in a bilingual elementary school formed the nucleus of the experience, which served to deepen and prolong the facility acquired in a typical language course. A step-by-step description of the experiment and its effects on both the students and the participating community lead the author to believe that interest, coupled with a satisfying cultural experience, can give even those students who have not had the advantage of early foreign language exposure a chance to survive the current pressures for ‘professional’ education at the expense of liberal education.