Learning Centers: A Report of the 1977 N.E.H. Institute at Ohio State University



ABSTRACT A promising solution to meeting the needs and interests of all students is the use of learning centers. A learning center is a corner or a table in the back of a classroom where a group of one to five students can work on a subject or topic that interests them. It always contains reading materials and often a cassette tape recorder and a slide or film projector. Students are given tasks to complete and can find answer keys in accompanying envelopes or packets. A group of twenty-four French and twenty-four Spanish teachers from Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan received a grant in the summer of 1977 to come to Ohio State University and develop learning centers for ‘small and large c’ culture. They created twenty learning centers or units on housing, shopping, cooking, transportation, sports, fiestas, literature, history, achitecture, painting, and music.