Planning and Implementing a Slide Show


  • Nathaniel B. Smith

  • Nathaniel B. Smith (Ph.D., Yale) is Assistant Professor of French and Provençal at the University of Georgia, Athens.


ABSTRACT The basic language textbook, often needing supplementary linguistic and cultural work, can conveniently be expanded through slide shows suited to students' level of interest and ability in a given school. As an experiment in feasibility and methodology, a series of nine slide shows were planned and produced at the University of Georgia and integrated into the first four courses of elementary and intermediate French. Under supervision, graduate Teaching Assistants wrote scripts of fifteen to twenty minutes each, which were taped by native students and accompanied by slides depicting French life. Slides were generally copied from illustrations in books, through a free instructional photographic service. The programs were fully automated and were presented to students in the library and in class. Technical procedures and linguistic problems are discussed, and student reactions analyzed, with recommendations for the benefit of others wishing to engage in similar projects.