Articulation—A Dialogue for the Future


  • John Webb

  • John B. Webb (Ph.D. candidate, New York University) is a teacher of French at Pomona Junior High School, Spring Valley, New York.


ABSTRACT This article describes a survey of secondary/postsecondary foreign language articulation in New York State conducted by the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers. The findings of the study clearly indicate a lack of regular communication between secondary schools and colleges, and show that the responsibility for such communication lies, haphazardly, in the hands of former students, student teachers, guidance counselors, and personal friends. A rationale for creating an organized program of articulation is presented pointing to the effects that it could have on increasing student enrollment, encouraging students to continue language study, expanding the role of foreign languages in the educational careers of all students in all discipline areas, and enhancing the mutual cooperation of language educators at all levels. The author recommends that teachers begin in earnest to talk with each other, sharing concerns, ideas, and information, and proposes a series of topics that should be dealt with if such communication is to yield successful results.