A Foreign Study Travel Program for the Urban University


  • Laura Martin,

  • Anita Stoll

  • Laura Martin (Ph.D. University of Florida) is Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics at Cleveland State University, Cleveland. Ohio; Anna Stoll (Ph.D. Case Western Reserve University) is Associate Professor of Spanish at Cleveland State University. Cleveland. Ohio.


ABSTRACT This program, designed especially for the urban university student, provides a unique combination of academic and practical preparation for an independent or group travel experience. Through an intensive classroom program which focuses on the destination as a cultural whole, the student learns both language and culture as he or she plans a visit in detail. In the program used as an example here, Mexico is the destination. Components of the course include literature and history as well as information directly related to the travel planning. The trip itself is organized around various projects or checklists and is carried out with a minimum of instructor supervision. The description includes details of course organization, trip planning, evaluation methods, and suggestions for adaptation to special situations.