Changing Directions in One Language Methods Class


  • Harold L. Cannon

    1. California State University, Long Beach
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      Harold L. Cannon (Ph.D., University of Minnesota) is Professor of Spanish at Long Beach State University, Long Beach, California.


ABSTRACT Every future foreign language teacher faces at least one language methods class. This class is usually a bland mixture of the history and philosophy of teaching languages. My experience teaching Education 450F-Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language-has allowed me to create a more innovative and practical course for the future language instructor. The content of the fifteen week course falls into three interrelated areas: (1) exposing students to language activities and related programs currently operating in public schools and colleges; (2) engaging students in a microteaching program in which they prepare materials and present them before high school students; and (3) providing discussion sessions which consist of (a) the instructor and microteachers receiving feedback on teaching projects, and (b) the instructor and class collectively exploring theory and techniques utilized in the microteaching projects.