An Exploratory Study of Characteristics of Gifted and Talented Foreign Language Learners


  • Regina H. Paul,

    1. Policy Studies in Education
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      Regina H. Paul (M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University) is Research Associate for Policy Studies in Education, New York, NY.

  • Nancy N. Carlson

    1. Charles Woodward High School Rockville, MD
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      Nancy N. Carlson (Ph.D., University of Maryland) is a teacher of French and Spanish at Charles W. Woodward High School, Rockville, MD.


ABSTRACT The purpose of this investigation was to study the characteristics of students who are gifted and talented foreign language learners. A survey instrument was developed and sent to selected foreign language teachers to determine how they perceived the characteristics of these students. Three preliminary lists of characteristics were established, describing students of French, German, and Spanish, respectively. To rank order these characteristics, the lists were sent to selected professionals who had been identified as knowledgeable in the field of gifted and talented in foreign language education.