ABSTRACT The assignment of a lengthy reading selection in a multi-section, elementary college foreign-language course presents problems in varying teaching techniques and standardized testing. Providing lesson plans is too rigid an approach unless the teachers involved in the course write them and provide an ample selection of ideas to allow for selection and modification.

The recommended format for group planning includes activities in four areas. First, teachers check students' comprehension of the text they prepared. Second, classes work with the units of language (vocabulary, morphology) and how they fit together (syntax) so that students may read more efficiently. Third, teachers drill the oral skills of listening comprehension and pronunciation. Fourth, teachers personalize the reading assignment to develop the productive skills.

Cooperating teachers plan twelve activities in all. With each teacher completing one part of the total syllabus, sharing finished plans gives all participants a complete set. The number of activities permits selectivity yet assures that all classes are working toward the same goal.