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Inspiring Creative Writing through Conversation


  • Sheri Houpt M.A.

    1. Parkway North High School Parkway East Junior High School
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      Sheri Houpt(M.A., Middlebury College) it a teacher of French at Parkway North High School and Parkway East Junior High School; St. Louis, MO


ABSTRACT Classroom conversations may effectively serve as a first step in the process of second-language composition. As a pre-writing oral exercise, guided conversation stimulates and organizes thoughts about selected subjects, fictional or real. The student thus receives aid in preparing his homework writing assignment in that he has discovered one or more topics for composition, has discussed the pro's and con's, has started to shape his narrative or his thesis, has begun to amass detail in a coherent way. The composition process has been successfully launched in the classroom; the actual writing and proofreading done as homework will thus prove more interesting and require less initial effort.