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Problems in Language Instruction: Eclectic Methodological Suggestions


  • Sys Strandnes Inman M.A

    1. University of Akron
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      Sys Strandnes Inman (M.A, University of Akron) is an Instructor of Modern Languages at the University of Akron; Akron, OH


ABSTRACT Some traditional problems in language instruction include competing methodological approaches, excessive cognitive content, and ineffectual roles of teacher and student in the classroom. The author suggests the use of an eclectic methodological approach to alleviate these problems. Combining ideas from the cognitive, direct, and confluent methodological approaches, the author seeks to more efficiently utilize classroom time for “acquisition” activities, reduce grammar learning requirements, and employ a more effectual role for the instructor and student through structured activities in student groups. Specific examples in Spanish and English of activities for student groups are provided in the appendices.