Decisions! Decisions! Decisions! Foreign Language in the Elementary School


  • Myriam Met Ph.D.

    1. Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools
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    • 2

      (University of Cincinnati, OH) Foreign Languages Coordinator at Montgomery County Public Schools, MD.


ABSTRACT  As interest in initiating new elementary-school foreign language programs increases, program planners face several crucial issues.

In order to formulate an appropriate program model, decision makers must be clear about the purpose and intended outcomes of the program and about pupil and parent needs. In addition, they must consider the feasibility of the planned program in light of the resources available. Further, careful planning for the elementary school sequence of study is required, along with consideration of articulation with the post-elementary grades.

This article examines several of the key decisions to be made and relates them to the three most common forms of elementary school programs: FLES, FLEX, and immersion.