Inexpensive Nonphotographic Slides Illustrate Grammatical Concepts or Lexical Items and Stimulate Student Conversations


  • Mark W. Seng

    1. University of Texas, Austin
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      Mark W. Seng (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison) is Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Texas; Austin, TX


ABSTRACT Inherent in the audio-lingual method which was introduced in the late fifties and which flourished into the sixties was an emphasis upon the sounds of language. This emphasis restricted the use of visuals in the foreign language classroom. An exception was the growing use of the “Audiovisual” method in Europe. Rivers' 1962 critique of the audio-lingual method reawakened interest in alternative methodologies in some of which the visual can play an important role. The Functional-Notional method provides one example. This article describes simple ways to create visuals with non-photographic slides which can enhance both language teaching and learning. Using transparency materials intended for making transparencies for the overhead projector, two-by-two-inch slides can be made quickly and easily. They especially meet the unique needs of foreign language teachers. Learning audio-visual skills in training will prove useful both during student teaching and in their subsequent professional work.