Video, Authenticity, and Language for Special Purposes Teaching


  • Sture E. Svensson

    1. Malmoe Borgarskola, Sweden
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      Sture E. Svensson (FK, University of Lund, Sweden) is Senior Modern Language Master at Malmoe Borgarskola; Malmoe, Sweden


ABSTRACT This article deals with the use of video in the teaching of foreign languages. In the article I discuss the use of prerecorded video cassettes and video recordings taken from TV. The object is to present the medium's special usefulness and to discuss the communicative functions in connection with teaching and student capability in general.

I also discuss the use of video cassettes as an especially effective means of reinforcing foreign language teaching in secondary technical education where the teaching of Language for Special Purposes (LSP) among other things must concentrate on the most conspicuous and frequent traits in this particular use of the language.

In one example from the teaching of technical English in Swedish secondary technical education I try to show how video cassettes give the learners motivation for LSP studies.