The Foreign Language Requirement: An Alternative Program


  • Katherine A. Demuth,

    1. Boston University
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      Katherine A. Demuth (Ph.D., Indiana University) is Assistant Professor of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures and Co-Coordinator of the African Language Program, Boston (MA) University.

  • Nathaniel B. Smith

    1. Franklin and Marshall College
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      Nathaniel B. Smith (Ph.D., Yale University) is Assistant to the Dean, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA; formerly Assistant Professor of French, Boston (MA) University.


ABSTRACT  For various reasons, some college-level students experience great difficulty in fulfilling their foreign language requirement. This paper reports on a new program at Boston University which 1) identifies students with severe language learning problems, and 2) offers an alternative sequence of courses designed to help these students achieve foreign language learning success. MLAT pre- and post-test scores indicate significant increases in language aptitude after completion of the first semester of the new course sequence.