Latin and Language Arts: An Update


  • Nancy A. Mavrogenes

    1. Chicago Board of Education
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      Nancy Mavrogenes (Ph.D., University of Chicago) is a consultant for the Department of Research and Evaluation, Chicago Board of Education, Chicago, IL.


ABSTRACT  This report reviews the status and results of Latin instruction in the elementary grades (FLES Latin). Since the flurry of interest in this topic in the late 1970s, several changes have been made. For one thing, some programs have been cut due to decreased funding. In order to counteract lack of funds, the current trend is to train teachers from other fields to teach Latin. Such programs in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York City are described herein. Other changes are that innovative funding methods have been tried, promotional activities have increased not only by classicists but by others as well, and the field of classics has been revitalized. Thus FLES Latin is seen today as being in a precarious but good position. The idea has spread, results are still promising, and publicity has been flourishing. Further improvements can assure that this lively approach continues to strengthen the nation's language arts programs.