ABSTRECT This study investigated correlations between parents' and students' attitudes toward the Hebrew language; and the correlation between students' attitudes toward, and achievement in, the Hebrew language. Additionally, differences in attitudes between boys and girls and between students in Levels 3 and 4 were investigated. The sample consisted of 217 students in the third and fourth years of Hebrew instruction, and their parents, from four supplementary Hebrew schools in the Chicago area. Students and parents were administered attitude questionnaires designed to measure their attitudes toward the Hebrew language. Students' Hebrew achievement was measured using standardized, norm-referenced tests. Findings were contrary to expectations: Correlation between parents' and students' attitudes was low and not significant. Correlation between students' attitude and achievement, although statistically significant (p > .01) was low (r =.20). There was no difference between boys' and girls' mean attitude scores, and no difference between students in the third and fourth years of instruction. The discussion attempts to explain the findings, and suggestions for further research are presented.