The South Carolina Plan for Improved Curriculum Articulation Between High Schools and Colleges


  • Arthur D. Mosher

    1. University of South Carolina
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      Arthur D. Mosher (Ph.D., University of Massachusetts) is Associate Professor of German at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC.


ABSTRACT  A revision of the admissions requirements to state-supported colleges and universities included a minimum of two years' high school study of one foreign language. In response to this policy, a large group of secondary and postsecondary colleagues organized the South Carolina Council on Foreign Language Placement and Curriculum (SCCFLPAC). This independent ad hoc committee serves as a forum for the exchange of information and helps provide professional critique of plans to change curriculum and implement new placement tests at the various postsecondary institutions. Secondary teachers have been trained to write proficiency-oriented outcome statements for each of four years of language instruction; these statements are designed to serve as the basis for future revisions of postsecondary curricula.