Conversion of a Teacher-Delivered Course into an Interactive Videodisc-Delivered Program


  • Helena Hughes

    1. Central Intelligence Agency
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      Helena Hughes (M.A., American University) is Chief of Curriculum and Staff Development at the Central Intelligence Agency Language School, Washington, D.C.


In 1982, the Central Intelligence Agency started a Spanish language course to teach adults to survive in a Spanish-speaking country in a two-week full-time course. The course was extremely successful and has been copied in several other languages as well as in other government language programs. It takes students with no knowledge of the Ianguage to a 0 + or I level (ILR scale) within two weeks.

We finished converting the classroom course in December 1988 into an interactive videodisc course that permits students to learn the same amount (or more) working three to five hours per day at the workstation, with only one additional hour of instruction with a teacher.

This paper describes how the project was designed and produced; how it integrates strategies from the Natural Approach and Total Physical Response into an interactive videodisc. The reader will get a good picture of what an interactive videodisc language course actually entails.