Foreign Language Policy at School Level: FLT and Cultural Studies Across the Curriculum


  • David Corson

    1. Massey University, New Zealand
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      David Corson (Ph.D., University of London) is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.


This article is written with two audiences in view: the teacher of foreign languages who is interested in the relationship between the foreign language curriculum on the one hand and matters of school administration, policy and management on the othec and the school administrator or policy maker who is interested in the role and place of the foreign language curriculum in policy and planning at the school level. The article includes: an introductory treatment of relevant factors in successful foreign language teaching and learning that might be pertinent to the design of school policies; a list of foreign language policy questions that a policy making group might need to consider in its planning an update on what we mean by the phrase kommunicative competence: and some suggestions as to how cultural studies related to foreign languages might be included across the curriculum. The article also includes a specimen foreign language policy which has been developed as one in a series of language policy' case studies in schooki of various kinds.