Freeing The Teacher: A Supervisory Process


  • Jerry G. Gebhard

    1. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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      Jerry G. Gebhard (Ed.D., Columbia University) is Associate Professor of English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA


ABSTRACT  Directive and clinical approaches to teacher supervision, while appreciated by some teachers, are also problematic. The most obvious problem is that teachers are not provided with much opportunity to develop their decision-making skills about what and how to teach. The focus of this paper is to present and illustrate a process through which the supervisor can provide teachers with opportunities to make their own teaching decisions by leading them through a process of exploration. This process includes teaching teachers how to observe classroom interaction, code and analyze interaction, interpret patterns of classroom behavior, and make informed decisions about teaching based on the analysis and interpretation. In addition, in order to enhance exploration, the supervisor is encouraged to bring teachers together to work on activities which center on teaching.