Development and Implementation of FLES Summer Institutes in Florida: A Functional-Collaborative Effort


  • Clemens L. Hallman Ph.D.,

    1. University of Florida
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      Clemens L. Hallman (Ph.D., Indiana University) is Professor of Foreign Languages and Multicultural Studies at University of Florida, Gainesville.

  • Anne E. Campbell Ph.D.,

    1. Cross-Cultural Consulting
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      Anne E. Campbell (Ph.D. candidate, University of Florida) is Director of Cross-Cultural Consulting & Publications, Gainesville, FL.

  • Gisela Ernst Ph.D.

    1. Washington State University
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      Gisela Ernst (Ph.D., University of Florida) is Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education at Washington State University, Pullman.


ABSTRACT  This article1 describes the University of Florida (UF) Functional-Collaborative Model used to develop a FLES Methods Course Syllabus for pre- and inservice teacher training in Florida and to develop Summer Institutes to train FLES teachers. The UF Model is process-oriented and utilizes a collaborative approach based on function, expertise and knowledge of participants, whereby decision-making and power are shared equally among individuals during all phases—design, implementation, and evaluation.

Also described is the FLES Methods Course Syllabus and the Summer FLES Institutes that were the products of four functional-collaborative meetings held during a two-year period which brought together foreign language educators from seven state universities, the state foreign language consultant, fifteen district foreign language supervisors, and ten practicing FLES teachers. The Institutes were given in 1989 at six state universities to 72 teachers. Two additional Institutes were given in Spanish to an additional 75 inservice teachers in two Florida counties. The Institute Syllabus and Institute pre- and post-test scores are presented. Implications of using intensive training institutes to meet statewide demands for FLES teachers are discussed.