ABSTRACT  In this study, we compared two methods for presenting cultural information to students in a French FLES program. Fifty-six English-speaking students enrolled in two fifth-grade classes served as subjects. Eight cultural themes were identified and assigned to one of two teaching conditions for one class section; each theme was assigned to the opposite condition for the other section. In both teaching conditions, students read a passage in French and a subsequent cultural note in either English or French. Both the passage and the note centered upon the same targeted cultural theme. In the Experimental condition, students viewed a video, prior to the reading of the texts. This brief video module was related in cultural theme but scripted differently from the reading passage and cultural note. In both conditions, student learning, pertaining to the cultural theme, was assessed on the same day as the presentation. Performance was better in the Experimental condition. We interpret this finding as support for utilizing video to enhance the teaching of culture to the child foreign language learner.