ABSTRACT  This article describes the Elementary Foreign Language Task Force's efforts once the Arizona State Board of Education passed a mandate requiring that all elementary schools teach a foreign language. The Task Force identified the essential components of an effective program: 1) coordination; 2) commitment; 3) integration of foreign language with other subjects; 4) goals; 5) staffing; 6) materials; 7) instructional principles; 8) examples of delivery systems; 9) articulation; 10) grades involved; 11) languages to be taught; 12) funding and legislation; 13) evaluation plan; 14) methods of implementation. The Arizona Task Force reviewed several existing programs with national prominence. These preliminary review effortsle d to a proposed model in which Arizona's school districts were to decide the target language of instruction once they identified curricular and personnel resources. In response, Northern Arizona University launched a strong teacher-training effort during the summer of 1992. As a result, many of Arizona's children currently benefit from foreign language instruction.