“Teachers Teaching Teachers” Revisited: The Bay Area Foreign Language Program- A Model that Works


  • María-Paz Haro,

    1. Stanford University
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      María-Paz Haro (Ph.D., Universidad Complutense, Madrid) is Professor of Spanish and Director of the Spanish Language Program at Stanford University in California.

  • Dawne Ashton-Beardsley,

    1. Sequoia High School
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      Dawne Ashton-Beardsley (M. A., John F. Kennedy University, CA) is a Foreign Language Mentor Teacher at Sequoia High School in California.

  • Duarte M. Silva

    1. University of San Francisco
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      Duarte M. Silva (Ed.D., University of San Francisco) is an Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of San Francisco.


ABSTRACT  Efforts to improve instruction in K-12 schools in California have included a variety of professional development programs ranging from short-term endeavors aimed at specific instructional objectives to more comprehensive undertakings designed to extend and enrich the professional preparation of teachers, which in turn will benefit California students. This article describes one such effort-the California Foreign Language Project (CFLP), and more specifically the Bay Area Foreign Language Program (BAFLP)-one of CFLP's ten regional sites. BAFLP and its cadre of teacher-leaders aims: (a) to implement communication-based foreign language instruction in their classrooms and to help develop a sense of collegiality at their schools; and (b) to identify and develop effective strategies to address the challenge of educating California's highly diverse student population.