Immersion Grammar: A Changing Portrait of Glenwood School


  • Ann Masters Salomone Ph.D.,

    1. Kent State University
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    • 3

      Ohio State University is an Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Pedagogy at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.

  • Elvina Palmam M.A.

    1. Kenwood Elementary School
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      Ohio State University is a 4th-5th grade teacher at Kenwood Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio.


ABSTRACT  Research on French immersion has concentrated on the achievements of immersion students for the past 25 years. This paper focuses on the pedagogical beliefs and practices of immersion teachers in a large midwestem city. The original qualitative study revealed that the six teachers being studied were concerned most with classroom management and covering the content dictated by the local course of study. Teaching French language was their third priority. After five years, the four remaining teachers disclosed that all three concerns are now treated equally. Grammatical units interspersed into the immersion program are helping to prevent the fossilization of language that has been reported in the literature. These adjustments have been suggested by researchers and are being successfully implemented at Glenwood School.