Practical Whole Language Strategies for Secondary and University-Level FL Students


  • Bonnie Adair-Hauck

    1. University of Pittsburgh
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      Bonnie Adair-Hauck (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh) is an Instructor of Foreign Language Education in the graduate program of the School of Education, University of Pittsburgh, PA.


ABSTRACT  This article illustrates strategies for the practical application of a whole language approach in the second/foreign language classroom. The author has interviewed and observed both L1 and L2 teachers using a whole language approach to language learning. From these observations and interviews, as well as from a review of the current literature, the article discusses some basic tenets of a whole language approach, which immerses learners in meaningful, literature-based activities.

The article also provides practical whole language activities appropriate for secondary or university level students. And finally, the article reports on the results of a questionnaire in which high school foreign language learners shared their reactions to whole language teaching strategies.