The Sociocultural Message of Language Textbooks: Arabic in the Israeli Setting


  • Hezi Brosh Ph.D.

    1. Tel Aviv University
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      Tel Aviv University is coordinator of the Arabic Teacher Training Program in both the School of Education at Tel Aviv University and the State Teachers College “Seminar Hakibbutzim,” Tel Aviv, Israel.



This paper investigates both the explicit and the implicit sociocultural messages conveyed by language textbooks. Twelve Arabic textbooks taught in junior high schools in the Hebrew educational system in Israel were examined. The findings indicate that Arab society is presented in a partial, subjective, and unbalanced manner. The textbooks under investigation do not reflect the new reality in the Middle East in the era of peace nor the contemporary Arab culture. These findings are especially significant in light of the fact that within the Israeli setting Arabic textbooks constitute one of the most meaningful sources of knowledge about Arab society.