Planning for Writing Instruction in a Middle-Years Immersion/Partial Immersion Setting


  • Olenka S.E. Bilash Ph.D.

    1. The University of Alberta
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      Olenka S.E. Bilash (Ph.D., University of Alberta) is Associate Professor of Second Language Education at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


ABSTRACT  Based on a literature review and the reflective practice of a second language teacher educator, this paper discusses three categories of planning for writing instruction for middle-years students in an immersion or partial immersion context: planning for long-term balance, planning for daily implementation, and planning for task success. It highlights five considerations that may help reduce student anxiety and improve both the experience of writing and the product: selecting topics, making the writing task as authentic and communicative as possible, providing the language supports necessary for success in a second language context, choosing forms with an appropriate amount of text, and choosing forms governed by an appropriate number of rules. A template for planning writing tasks is included, along with several examples.