Examining the Relationship Between L2 Listening Research, Pedagogical Theory, and Practice1


  • Jane E. Berne Ph.D.

    1. University of North Dakota
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      Jane E. Berne (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks.

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    This is a revised version of a presentation that was given at the 1996 annual meeting of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages in Philadelphia, PA. The author would like to thank Dr. Courtney Harrison Denton for her assistance in the preparation of the questionnaire used in this study. She also would like to thank Dr. Paul Chandler, Dr. Diana Frantzen, and two anonymous reviewers for their excellent feedback on earlier drafts of this manuscript.


ABSTRACT  A survey of language instructors was conducted to examine the relationship between L2 listening research, pedagogical theory, and practice. Descriptive and qualitative analyses of the responses suggest that there are gaps between L2 listening pedagogical theory and practice, and between L2 listening research and practice. Several suggestions for closing the gap between L2 listening research and practice are then proposed.