Preparing Graduate Teaching Assistants: An Investment in Excellence


  • María J. Amores

    1. West Virginia University
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      María J. Amores (Ph.D., The Pennsilvania State University) is Assistant Professor of Spanish and Cordinator of the Basic Spanish Program at West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV.


ABSTRACT  In the beginning and intermediate language programs at most major universities, graduate teaching assistants are a major factor in determining the overall effectiveness of the instruction provided. Based upon the belief that excellence in teaching is crucial to the development of functional ability in a foreign language, the primary goal of GTA Coordinators must be to assure the quality of the instruction in the undergraduate courses for which the Coordinator is held accountable. This article discusses the elements of one program established to help GTAs make the transition from language student to language teacher, and to assure that a high quality of instruction is maintained.