The Changing Face of the Intermediate Language Curriculum1


  • Susan Rava

    1. Washington University
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      Susan Rava (Ph.D., Washington University) is Senior Lecturer in French at Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.

  • 1

    A version of this article was presented at the American Association Teachers of French Conference in Lyons, France in July 1996.


Abstract: Foreign language departments in institutions of higher education historically have faced a dilemma in formulating their intermediate curricula: How can they balance the needs of students completing language requirements with the needs of students preparing for advanced language or literature studies? This article calls for instructors and departments to pioneer in changing the intermediate language curriculum. The article represents an appeal for action and lays out guiding principles for change. The article will first examine today's foreign language teaching climate, especially as it affects the intermediate curriculum in higher education. It will then propose and explicate five curriculum guidelines that, when used together, meet the challenges posed by a changing academic environment.