Fine-tuning Corrective Feedback


  • ZhaoHong Han PhD

    1. Teachers College, Columbia University
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      ZhaoHong Han (PhD, University of London)is an assistant professor of linguistics and education at Teachers College, Columbia University, New Yurh, New York.


Abstract: This paper explores the notion of “fine-tuning” in connection with the corrective feedback process. The underlying argument is that the absence of fine-tuning can be a potent source of ineffective feedback. Fine-tuning is herein defined as a process whereby the provider of corrective feedback tunes in to the causal factors of an error and successfully brings the learner's attention to the learning problem. A longitudinal case study, conducted in the context of Norwegian as a second language, is presented to show how fine-tuning and lack thereof in the provision of written corrective feedback differentially affects an L2 learner's restructuring of an interlanguage construction.