From, Content, and Critical Distance: The Role of “Creative Personalization” in Language and Content Courses


  • Cheryl Krueger

    1. University of Virginia
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      Cheryl Krueger (PhD, University of Wisconsin) is Associate Professor of French at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.


Absteact.Many academic programs maintain a rigid philosophical and pedagogical separation between introductory language courses and upper-division, so-called “content” courses. Such programs tend to consign matters of form to the elementary- through advanced-level language sequence, placing emphasis on meaning in literature and culture courses. This article offers suggestions for drawing attention to form and content in both types of courses. By implementing strategies for revising traditional speaking and writing tasks through “creative personalization,” teachers may guide students to enhance critical thinking skills across the language/literature curriculum, and to become more aware of the interdependence of form and content in their own speech and writing.